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I am a Software Developer who hails from the midwest and is currently experiencing all that Seattle has to offer. I started my software journey at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, where I was able to get some fantastic learning experiences from top tier teachers and industry leaders.
Mason Lake
After college I continued my developing experiences with a local company in Eau Claire for another year as a Web Developer. Since then I have had the opportunity to work with local companies to redesign websites, and engineer solutions for my own personal projects.
If I'm not outdoors, I'm inside trying to better myself as a developer and engineer. I love to explore different technologies, and tackle complicated problems. I Believe it's important for developers to explore new technologies, as that knowledge will indefinately help you in your future projects at work or at home.
Vantage Rock Climbing
Outside of work I am an avid outdoors enthuziast. You may find me dangling from a rope off of a cliff, or perhaps hiking a tall mountain peak. I also enjoy photography, as you can see from the wonderful images on this portfolio!

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